Forty Ute
 - Paint by Cris Veenstra

Automotive enthusiasts are...
"First To Recycle and First to Restore"

Custom Automotive Restoration gives all the credit to their customers. Without their dreams to bring back life to an old vehicle, things would be pretty boring. Open since 1986, CAR has grown to become a premier customizing and rebuilding shop for all kinds of vehicles. Our creative team of professionals are experienced in using the proper tools and techniques to complete your project on budget while exceeding your restoration goals. Let us help you build that dream car or truck.

Here are some things to consider as you plan your restoration:

  • The condition of vehicle and intensity of the work involved can cause a project to last from weeks to months.

  • Make sure to ask for references from the shop you are considering.

  • Tour different shops and see other projects in various stages of completion to get a better understanding of the process.

  • See if the shop photo documents their work. CAR extensively photographs project vehicles as record proof of your ground-up restoration.

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