Don Hawkins has been involved in the repair and modification of cars since his high school days.
Now owner of Custom Automotive Restoration, Don continues his passion by offering full restoration services for all types of vehicles. Having many years of experience in restoration projects, everyone at CAR knows the importance of clear communication with our customers. It is important that customer's goals are understood up front. Building a concours-quality restoration requires a far different approach than updating a street cruiser. Planning is key to a smooth project.

There are many unique challenges involved in restoration work, from sourcing parts to ensuring the rebuild is "accurate." CAR has the necessary craftsmen and equipment to do much of the work themselves, although they do outsource some stages, like media blasting, chroming and other hazardous processes. Because of this, CAR is known for maintaining a very clean shop. Any customer is welcome to stop by the shop to view progress on their project at any time. They can even photo document work so you can watch progress of your project online.

Don Hawkins
Nothing makes life easier than having a job that you love to do. I've been fascinated with mechanical devices and anything electrical since childhood, and that fascination led me to my career. In '98 I began working for Custom Auto, now I'm the owner and I feel lucky to do this for a living. These cars are an integral part of American history, they were part of all of us growing up, and seeing one of these cars transform from a forgotten hulk into a beautiful piece of art that you can drive and enjoy makes it all worthwhile.

I donít think I ever had a chance not to fall in love with cars. My mom drove a 1969 Chevelle which she gave to me when I turned 16 and my dad was always working in his garage letting me take apart carburetors and explaining to me how distributors worked. My first job was at a parts store, and now that Iím in College my dad lets me work at the shop during the summer which I love. Just being able to be around this many nice cars and the people that love them is awesome.

Cris Veenstra
It seems I've been involved with auto body and restoration work my whole life. My parents own their own shop, and I moved into the business on my own in '84. I specialize in painting and body work - I prefer to start with bare steel or fiberglass, prime and sand to get the surface as close to perfect as possible, and then move onto paint and polish. I've worked with nearly every brand of paint and primer, so I can determine the best fit for your project.